This page contains reports by topic that gather information from the most relevant data sources. Some of them refer to the questionnaire of the Country Policy and Institutional Assessment (CPIA) made by the World Bank to describe the progress of countries on strengthening the quality of their policies and institutions.
Open Data Platform Reports

Country Snapshot

This country snapshot covers 80+ indicators in trade, investment, economy, business, and private sector, with a summary of the World Bank Group project portfolio.

Gender Data Report


As part of the Using Digital Solutions to Address Barriers to Female Entrepreneurship toolkit,this data generation resource provides comprehensive country snapshots of the context in which female entrepreneurs and workers operate. This tool generates information across some 125 indicators, organized by 7 topics and is accompanied by an analysis guide to help teams interpret the data and incorporate findings into project design.

Tourism Market Trends


This country snapshot presents an overview of the tourism sector in World Bank Group client countries according to key performance indicators.

Entrepreneurship Reports


This report presents 60+ indicators for entrepreneurship ecosystems across six domains: financing, skills, markets, culture, infrastructure, and institutional support.

Macroeconomic Outcomes

Fragility-Focused Investment Climate

This report gives a brief scan of macro-economic trends, investment competitiveness, and institutional trends in FCS countries with comparative data for over 190 countries.