Open Data FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is TCdata360?

TCdata360 provides open data on trade and competitiveness. The site aggregates and visualizes data from multiple sources and presents it in tandem with other knowledge and resources. Read more.

Where does the data come from?

The key sources of data on TCdata360 include:

See the full list on the About TCdata360 page.

How often is the data updated?

TCdata360 updates its data as new data becomes available, typically on an annual basis but not always. Because the data availability varies among indicators, the best way to determine when an indicator was updated is to click the "See source data and resources" button under the indicator name. If you would like to report an indicator or data source that is not up to date, please send an email to

How can I use the data?

You can use the data on the site in several ways:

  • Access data at the country, topic, or indicator level
  • Create and share your own data visualizations
  • Download the data
  • Access the data through the API

What are the terms of use on the data?

The data on TCdata360 comes from a variety of sources (see "Where does the data come from?"). While all the data displayed on this website is publicly available, different sources have different guidelines for re-using their data. Please consult the source organization for the data you wish to use (under the "See source data and resources" button under the indicator name), or see our Terms of Use page for more information.

Do you have an API?

Yes, we provide an API for all available data. See the Data Science page for more information on API access.

How do I use TCdata360?

  • Search—enter a country, indicator, or topic name on the search box on every page of the website. This is often the fastest way to reach the information you might need.
  • Use the TCdata360 Explorer—the TCdata360 Explorer on the homepage provides a hierarchical view of all topics and indicators on the website. Click any section of the 'wheel' to expand it and discover how all information is arranged in the website.
  • Jump to a country page through the map—scroll down to the map on the home page and jump straight to the country page you want
  • Read data stories—the website features several interactive data stories about different facets of trade and competitiveness. Come back to the site for more.
  • Explore the data on country, indicator, and topic pages—features include:
    • Compare different countries—click the bar at the top of the Data Visualization box to add or remove comparison countries. Once you've selected your first country, you can choose your own comparison countries, or use the suggested comparison sets provided in the tabs:
      • Region: countries that are geographically close to the first country.
      • WBG Income Group: countries that have a similar income to the default country
      • Suggested Peers (beta): countries that have similar traits to the first country, such as similar export products, similar trading partners, or similar demographic makeup
    • Modify charts and graphs—you can customize and share every chart on the website. Clicking on a chart or graph will open it in the Data Visualization tool, which allows you to customize the countries, years, and chart type. When you're happy with your chart, you can use the buttons on the upper-right to share it on social media or export it as a PDF or PNG file.
    • Download data—you can download the data behind each indicator on TCdata360 as a file. Click the "Download Raw Data" button on any indicator page to do so. Advanced users can also use the available API.
    • Review the metadata—for more information about individual indicators, click the "See source data and resources" button under the indicator name

How can I follow you on social media?

You can tweet us at #tcdata360 or follow @WorldBankPSD or @WorldBankData to stay on top of TCdata360 related news in the social media.

How do I report an error or a bug on the site?

If you spot a bug or error that we have missed, please email us at